ADvance is a pioneering educational initiative for the Alzheimer’s disease (AD) healthcare community.

Developed and guided by an International Working Group (IWG) of experts in AD, ADvance aims to build momentum and provide a topical framework around early detection, referral, and diagnosis of AD.

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The IWG experts develop, guide and continuously update the ADvance educational resources. These are regularly presented by Biogen at congresses and events. This includes up-to-date classes, courses and tools to enhance your knowledge of AD.

What you can expect
from one of our classes:


Mastering Alzheimer’s Disease with Professor Jeffrey Cummings

A summary of a patient’s journey: detection, assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of AD.

In addition to our master classes, ADvance also includes a range of useful materials.

Here are just two examples of resources provided through the ADvance program:

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Clinical Assessment Tools Used in Clinical Trials

A focused overview of tools historically used to assess patients in AD clinical trials.

CSF brochure

A practical guide to biomarkers as diagnostic tools in the early stages of AD, particularly CSF biomarkers.

Meet the International Working Group (IWG)

The IWG of experts in AD, engaged by Biogen, guide and endorse the ADvance program.
The IWG is supported by multiple Regional Working Groups, and includes neurologists, psychiatrists, radiologists, and neuropsychologists.

ADvance Digital Learning

The ADvance online learning experience covers different educational needs across a variety of expertise levels ranging from advanced content pieces for AD experts to more simplified summaries for HCPs who are new to AD. The ADvance modules are enriched by case studies to help provide clinical context.

The ADvance Biogen Alzheimer's Education Program offers:

Comprehensive educational courses

Tailored to HCPs

Interactive Educational Experience:

Self-guided slideshows


Case studies

Quick guides